Learn the Basic Box Step And Do It Yourself

Learning how to ballroom dance can be fun and not very difficult. It is called the box step because the person doing this step moves around in a box. It involves six steps from start to finish. One of the first things that you learn in the waltz is to do the basic box step. The box step starts with stepping forward with your left foot while your partner steps back on their right foot. The complete details of the basic box step are given below.

For the first step the leader will step forward with his left foot and then slide his right foot up to meet his left without transferring his weight. Then for the second step, the leader will take the right foot and step to the right. The third step is to slide the left foot to the right foot and close. Steps four, five and six are the same thing only in reverse. The right foot goes back and then the left foot comes towards the right foot. Then the left foot goes to the left and the right foot closes. This puts you right back to where you started before you did the box step.

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