East Coast Swing vs West Coast Swing

Swing dance has two fundamental distinctions these are west coast swing and east coast swing, which originated in the beginning of 1900′s.

The East Coast Swing
It is widely recognized as the Triple Step, the east coast swing is danced to a count of six. The practice is not limited to any particular pattern, nevertheless, is more of a spherical movement, fundamentally on the same spot. To some extent quicker paced than the west coast swing. The east coast swing can be adapted to any type of music, particularly the old Rock and Roll melodies. Tunnels, pushes and turns are all part of this type of swing dance.

The West Coast Swing
This is highly complicated of the east coast swing that could be more suitable to ballroom dancing. It contains elegant movements incorporated with pushes and twirls that could be unrehearsed to suit any type of music. In comparison to the east coast swing, this one is a slower dance. It embraces a straight pattern, where the partners travel to their right direction or left direction in counts of six, eight and ten. There are a range of steps including underarm turns, swivels, pushes, whips, as well as tucks.

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