The Top Five Modern Day Choreographers Of Our Time

Often we enjoy a performance by talented dancers, all the while forgetting that someone behind the scenes makes the dance what it is. Choreographers tend to be one of the most behind-the-scenes artists, but they are truly the force behind the action. While it’s difficult to objectively pick the best choreographers, there are some that have certainly made a big impact in the world of dancing.

1. The late George Balanchine lived his entire life during the 20th century. He is responsible for bringing ballet to America by starting a company that is now the New York City Ballet and is considered the most prominent contemporary choreographer of ballet.The whole story can be found at

2. Mostly active during the 20th century, Paul Taylor’s modern-style choreography consisted of gestures and everyday movement, not dance moves. He is considered one of the greatest choreographers living today.

3. Bob Fosse developed a jazzy dance style that is evident in movies such as “Chicago” and is still practiced in dance studios everywhere.

4. Alvin Ailey helped to popularize modern dance and created almost 80 different ballets.

5. Katherine Dunham was a go-getter from the beginning, evident in the private dance school she started when she was 15. In later years she moved to the West Indies to study dance styles, from which she developed her own technique that, when combined with ballet and modern dance, became its own distinct style.

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