The Top Five Choreographers of All Time

The world of dance would not be the same without these top five choreographers of all time.

Katherine Dunham

An American icon, Dunham began dancing professionally in the early 1930s as a ballerina, but her focus shifted to modern dance after traveling the world. Her style was heavily influenced by African dance, and she choreographed many famous dances through what is now known as the Katherine Dunham Technique.

Isadora Duncan

Flamboyant, original and inspirational, Duncan was one of the first people to break the formal rules of ballet. Duncan is known for her fluid and open Read the rest of this entry »

A Brief History of The Salsa Dance

Salsa has roots in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. When the French arrived in Haiti, they brought with them the country-dances of France and England. These dances made their way to Cuba, where they mixed with African rhumbas like the yambu, guaguanco and colombia. These mixtures were further influenced by the Cuban son music, a mix of African drumbeats and Spanish troubadour music.

Around the time of the Second World War, these dances moved into Mexico City and New York. It was there that the term “salsa” was first used to describe danceable Read the rest of this entry »

The Secret to Dancing – Be Yourself

If you’ve been here and gotten your television through any of the major satellite providers, then you’ve probably seen shows like Dancing with the Stars. In these programs, you see the grueling training regimens these stars go through to perform before judges.

While there is a certain inherent technique, not everything that is the essence of dance can be taught. Everyone knows, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, that the real secret of dancing comes from within.

Dancing is the ultimate form of self-expression and it is the organic and fluid manifestation of our inner being. It’s the body animated by rhythm and put on display for the world to see. The type of dancing you do defines you as a person and what you’re really like.

All you need to do is find the beat in a song and be brave enough to follow what your body tells you to do next. When you see people awkwardly gyrating to a song with no real confidence in their motion, that’s when someone has fought half the battle.

The other half is having the confidence to be yourself and follow through with the dance. It takes a lot of mental preparation and confidence to be able to do this like it’s second nature.

Learn the Basic Box Step And Do It Yourself

Learning how to ballroom dance can be fun and not very difficult. It is called the box step because the person doing this step moves around in a box. It involves six steps from start to finish. One of the first things that you learn in the waltz is to do the basic box step. The box step starts with stepping forward with your left foot while your partner steps back on their right foot. The complete details of the basic box step are given Read the rest of this entry »

The History of the Waltz and What it’s All About

The waltz is the epitome of a flowing, romantic dance. When you think about a couple dancing the waltz you probably envision the woman in a long flowing dress and man in a tuxedo with long coat tails, both smoothly gliding and turning as they move across the dance floor.

The Waltz got its name from the German word ‘waltzen’, meaning ‘to turn’. The dance is made up of many flowing turns, living up to its name.

The Read the rest of this entry »

East Coast Swing vs West Coast Swing

Swing dance has two fundamental distinctions these are west coast swing and east coast swing, which originated in the beginning of 1900′s.

The East Coast Swing
It is widely recognized as the Triple Step, the east coast swing is danced to a count of six. The practice is not limited to any particular pattern, nevertheless, is more of a spherical movement, fundamentally on the same spot. To some extent quicker paced than the west coast swing. The east coast swing can be adapted to any type of music, particularly the old Read the rest of this entry »

The Top Five Modern Day Choreographers Of Our Time

Often we enjoy a performance by talented dancers, all the while forgetting that someone behind the scenes makes the dance what it is. Choreographers tend to be one of the most behind-the-scenes artists, but they are truly the force behind the action. While it’s difficult to objectively pick the best choreographers, there are some that have certainly made a big impact in the world of dancing.

1. The late George Balanchine lived his entire life during the 20th century. He is responsible for bringing ballet to America by starting a company that is now the New Read the rest of this entry »

Ballroom Dancing: The Basic Steps and the Basics

Some of the most common ballroom dance steps include Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Waltz and Swing Out of all these,, the Cha-Cha is probably the most popular dance for beginners. People like the Cha-Cha because it has a lot of footwork, and even if you just know the basic steps, you can still dance the cha-cha and have it look decent. The cha-cha is also a unique dance because both partners will do all of their movements simultaneously. This makes it a lot easier to learn and also makes it easier to follow. The next most popular dance is the Foxtrot. The Foxtrot is easy to learn and the perfect dance for beginners. A lot of times people can start dancing the Foxtrot after their first lesson. The most important thing for you to know when you are dancing is to maintain a slow-slow-quick-quick-slow pattern as you move with your partner across the dance floor. Waltz is the third most popular ballroom dancing people learn. False is a little bit more tricky than Foxtrot or Cha-Cha simply because you’d only have to count by trees, but you also have to change your elevation as you are moving across the dance floor. Of course after you have learned how to do the cha-cha and the foxtrot, learning the basic steps of the waltz are not that difficult. The fourth most popular dance step is swing. There are several variations including West Coast Swing, Lindy hop, and Jive. The advantage of dancing Swing is it is a fast type of dance that can be very fun to do with a partner.What’s 1 more click? Your boss isn’t watching… I could give Bruno a run for his money.